First Steps of Divorce in California

Filing for divorce is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. At Cannon Legal Group, we never encourage our clients to get divorced when they are unsure because it is a personal decision that must be made without pressure. We often suggest clients speak with family counselors or clergy to make sure they truly wish to move forward with this action. Our Pasadena divorce attorneys take pride in the way we assist our clients. We only help them pursue divorce after they have already made their final decision. Once a client does decide to move forward with divorce, our lawyers proceed with handling the case in an aggressive manner to ensure that the client's personal objectives are fully met.

Personalized Approach to Family Law

In our approach to divorce, the initial stage involves a discussion of our clients' needs, rather than what we know about family law. After our client has told us their story and completed a comprehensive intake process, we tailor a strategy to negotiate or litigate their divorce. We believe that every client's situation demands a unique approach that is specific to the details of their family life and personal circumstances. Families with children, for example, will require the topics of child custody and child support to be discussed in depth. For some, their strategy may include reaching out early on for a settlement in hopes of facilitating a stipulated judgment that saves both parties significant time and expense. Other individuals require us to immediately commence litigation and file motions for temporary custody or family support. In some cases, a unique strategy may require us to stand pat and wait to take action in order to allow a de facto child custody situation to take form. The bottom line is that one size never fits all. At Cannon Legal Group, we take pride in demonstrating our unique approach to each client.

Pasadena Divorce Lawyer Fights for Your Rights

In any divorce case, your first step is to obtain the legal guidance of a law firm you can trust. We can help you resolve your issue by scheduling a free case evaluation that can allow us to better understand your circumstances. A poorly prepared case, disorganized presentation, or lack of understanding, you risk missing opportunities to gain concessions or judgments that you need and you could negatively impact the result of your case. Our goal is to maximize results by carefully preparing your case using the specific details of your family dynamic and requirements. We offer knowledgeable legal advice to help you make sound decisions and pursue a quality result. As soon as you are aware of your spouse's desire to pursue divorce or as soon as you have made the decision to file for divorce yourself, we encourage you to speak with our firm. We can help you get on the right track to a successful termination of your marriage. Contact Cannon Legal Group today and we can help you save time and money in the future.