Summary Dissolution in Pasadena

In California, a summary dissolution is an easy way for eligible couples to end a marriage or domestic partnership. With a summary dissolution, you can obtain a divorce without the complications associated with the typical litigation process. Summary dissolutions are not for all married couples, however. Married couples with no children who only have a small amount of assets can likely benefit from this form of divorce. Regardless of gender, couples who began as domestic partners and later married are also candidates for a summary dissolution. Individuals who wish to obtain a summary dissolution will have to prove that they have met all necessary qualifications. With the legal assistance of our Pasadena divorce lawyers, you can learn whether this is in your best interest.

Qualifications for Summary Dissolution

Married couples who are seeking a simplified divorce will need to meet all of the necessary requirements at the time of the petition. At least one of the applicants must have lived within the state of California for at least six months. Same-sex married couples who were married in California but no longer live in this state can file for a summary dissolution in California if their current state will not dissolve their marriage. Both individuals must want to end the marriage on the basis of irreconcilable differences. Your marriage or domestic partnership must be less than five years long. In addition, the couple must not have had minor children together and not own any real property.

Retain a Pasadena Divorce Lawyer for a Summary Dissolution

Your first step in pursuing a summary dissolution will be to obtain the legal guidance of a Pasadena divorce attorney from our firm. We can advise you about the necessary forms and how these must be filed. You will need to wait six months after you file your summary dissolution petition for it to go into effect. At that point, the court will enter a judgment that successfully dissolves your marriage or domestic partnership. You will be able to enter a new marriage or domestic partnership at this point.

During the six-month period, either party can stop the process by completing a notice of revocation for summary dissolution. If you re-file within a 90-day period, that portion of time will apply to the period you must wait in a typical divorce. You may be able to prove that your dissolution is fraudulent or an act of injustice. Our Pasadena summary dissolution attorneys can help you pursue a beneficial case resolution. We have the legal knowledge to guide you through your case and help you obtain this form of simplified divorce. Contact us today!