Prenuptial Agreements in Pasadena

If you are unsure about a prenuptial agreement, you might wish to speak with one of our Pasadena divorce lawyers about its potential benefits. Prenuptial agreements are governed by California's Uniform Premarital Agreement Act. Also called a premarital agreement or prenup, prenuptial agreements are made by engaged couples and take effect in the event of divorce. These agreements discuss the manner in which property and assets will be distributed at the time of divorce. For the most part, all financial issues can be dealt with in a prenup. Premarital agreements must be in writing for them to be legally valid. One of our Pasadena divorce attorneys can provide you with further detailed information regarding prenuptial agreements when you consult our firm.

Should I get a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements can be an important tool for fiancé(e)s preparing to wed because they protect your rights in case of divorce. You can limit future financial and legal responsibility of both parties with the onset of a prenuptial agreement. If you do not sign a prenup, your divorce will be governed by the California Family Code. Instead, you and your future spouse can negotiate rules of your own, giving you control over the potential circumstance. Prenuptial agreements can protect both spouses.

Limits of a California Prenup

Although prenuptial agreements address various financial issues, they cannot be used to regulate child custody or child support. The court has the authority to decide what is in the best interest of the child and is not governed by an agreement made prior to the marriage. Additionally, child support is a child's right. You can place your case in the hands of a member of our firm to analyze whether a prenuptial agreement can benefit you. We can help you safeguard your marital estate, life insurance benefits, debts, and property. As you assess the benefits and limitations of a prenuptial agreement, we can help you determine whether this action in your best interest.

Even with these limitations, a prenuptial agreement can protect you and your future spouse against a bitter divorce. By spending a little time now preparing a prenuptial agreement, you can effectively avoid the long litigation process associated with a contested divorce. You may be weary of bringing up the topic of a prenuptial agreement as you are entering a marriage. Many individuals believe that prenuptial agreements indicate a lack of trust or are an unromantic gesture. The process of drafting a prenuptial agreement can actually strengthen your relationship. You can gain a level of open communication with your future spouse regarding money issues through this action. We strongly advise you to obtain legal representation from Cannon Legal Group. Contact our Pasadena prenuptial agreement lawyers for assistance today!