Paternity Actions in Pasadena

During divorce or separation, legal procedures may be required to settle matters regarding child custody and visitation of a minor child. If you are looking to gain access to your child after divorce or separation, you may need to establish parentage. Based on a study by research center Child Trends, more than half of children of women under the age of 30 are born outside of marriage. As a result, parentage, or paternity actions, regarding minor children have substantially increased in recent years. Two types of parentage actions can be taken, which are:

  • Petition for custody and support of minor children
  • Uniform parentage actions

Both of the above parentage actions have varying jurisdictional and procedural requirements that distinguish these types of cases. The purpose of both actions is to establish parenting schedules and child support amounts for individuals who have never wed or had children prior to marriage. Our firm can help you obtain the answers and support your family needs.

Pasadena Divorce Attorneys Can Help You Establish Parentage

Paternity actions can be taken to determine the best possible parenting schedule for minor children. Actions should be taken as soon as possible so that custodial, support, and visitation orders can be made. An important factor that courts consider is what will pose the least radical change upon the child or children involved. In a typical divorce case, if parties have cohabitated until the date of separation, the status quo is that they equally share custody. In parentage actions, one parent may claim that he or she has always demonstrated sole custody of the child, which can complicate the child custody proceedings.

In complex cases in which paternity is disputed, the court must perform a significant amount of investigation to determine the validity of either side's claim. Parentage actions can be taken by filing an official declaration of paternity or a court order that establishes the child's legal parents. Based on California law, a father has no legal rights and responsibilities to the child if he was never legally married to the mother during the conception or birth of the child. If this is your circumstance, we can help you pursue parentage actions. Contact our Pasadena divorce lawyers today for further information.