Juvenile Dependency Lawyer in Pasadena

Juvenile dependency courts have many of the same characteristics as most superior courts throughout Los Angeles County. The stated purpose of a juvenile dependency court is to ensure the ongoing safety and welfare of children who are alleged victims of abuse. The juvenile dependency court will hear and decide cases involving minors who are brought in as suspected victims of physical or emotional abuse. Abuse can be the result of neglect or actual physical harm committed by their parents or legal guardians. Our Pasadena divorce attorneys have the necessary experience to assist with a case involving the juvenile dependency law.

Child Protective Services in Los Angeles County

Juvenile cases commence with a referral from a local Child Protective Services agency (CPS), such as the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Occasionally, the police may place a child in protective custody. By law, the police or a CPS agency may remove children from their parents or guardians and detain the children for up to 72 hours for their protection. This action is taken if the emergency response social worker who initially investigates allegations of abuse or neglect believes that the child is at risk in his or her home. Without so much as a hearing or adjudication in court, parents can temporarily lose custody of their children.

Legal Representation from Our Pasadena Divorce Lawyers

Once a juvenile dependency case commences in court, parents can fight for rights to their child. Parents may begin the process by seeking to disprove charges levied against them by CPS agencies. Another way to fight this issue is by seeking "family reunification" despite of the charges levied against them. CPS is designed to protect children from abuse and neglect within their homes. In some instances, however, the agency may overreact to or misjudge a situation and wrongfully threaten the relationship between child and parent. We can help protect your family if you are facing a juvenile dependency case. Contact us today!