Father's Rights in California

In California, parental rights have no gender bias. That means, per California law, the rights of the father are equal to those of the mother. We at Cannon Legal Group can help you maintain or establish your privileges as a father. Contact our Pasadena family law attorneys today to get started!

Legal Custody

A father must have either legal joint or sole custody of their children. Your children do not have to live with you in order for you to have involvement in the decisions that affect them.

Legal custody entitles you to have a say in many of the choices regarding your children, including:

  • Child care or school
  • Doctor, dental and / or therapy needs
  • Religion
  • Travel

Even if your relationship with your children's mother is amicable, custody and visitation decisions are best when established by the courts. Going through the process alone, without a family law attorney by your side, leaves you vulnerable. A father may unknowingly agree to less than they are entitled to under California law. At Cannon Legal Group, we are experienced and dedicated to having your full rights as a legal custodial parent granted to you.

Establishing Paternity

If both parents are married when a child is born, the husband is presumed to be the father under California law. If the parents are unmarried, both parents will need to sign a Declaration of Paternity in order for the father to have his name placed on the birth certificate. The father will need a court order if the mother neglects or refuses to sign this declaration. Paternity must be recognized in order for a father to assert his legal rights. We at Cannon Legal Group are ready to help you establish parentage.

Extreme Situations Need a Tough Pasadena Family Lawyer

Unfortunately, the relationship with a child's mother may not always end well and often create difficult situations. Circumstances can create one of two extreme scenarios for a father:

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS): PAS occurs when one parent displays extreme antagonism towards the opposite or "target" parent. This hostility is transmitted to the child in such a way as to create hostility towards the target parent. It is considered to be a form a child abuse and can be permanently damaging to the father / child relationship.

False Accusation of Paternity: You are not the legal father of a child simply because the mother claims you as such. Formal allegations of paternity can create a myriad of legal issues resulting in a variety of emotional and financial consequences.

A confident family lawyer can provide tremendous assistance to the victims of one of the above. At Cannon Legal Group, our Pasadena family law attorneys can show you the ways to create a defense against such fabricated accusations.

Protect your legal rights as a father! Contact Cannon Legal Group today for a case evaluation.