The Divorce Process

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If you are contemplating the dissolution of your marriage, a basic understanding of the California divorce process can help to dispel some of the stress and uncertainty you are facing. The first step in the process is to decide that you want to end your marriage or domestic partnership. Once the decision has been made, you should seek the guidance of a divorce lawyer in your area so that you fully understand your legal rights and obligations.

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California's Divorce Laws

As an initial step in the divorce process, you will want to determine if you qualify for a summary dissolution. A summary dissolution is a quick and simplified method of divorce for those who meet all of the qualifications. This type of divorce involves couples who have been married less than five years, have no children, where neither spouse is seeking spousal support, and have less than $40,000 worth of community property.

For couples who do not qualify, the standard divorce process will apply. In order to begin the filing step for the standard process, you must have lived in the state for six months and in the county where you are filing for three months. If the spouses can come to an agreement on the various issues involved in the divorce, such as child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, the division of marital property and debts, and any other required matters, the divorce process can proceed much faster and courtroom litigation may be avoided. If they cannot, then they should seek legal counsel and engage in mediation sessions or proceed to court.

Starting Your Divorce

The first formal step will involve one of the spouse's filing a petition with the court for the divorce; he or she will be the petitioner. The other spouse will receive the petition and will be called the respondent. He or she will have a certain time period in which to either respond with formal documents or not respond. In cases where no response is made, a judge can make a decision regarding the case without hearing the respondent's perspective.

After the petition and response have been filed, both sides will disclose financial documentation so that a full disclosure is made. They will then work out a divorce agreement on all issues concerning finances, assets, debts, and any children involved. Any issues they cannot agree on will be brought before a judge in court who will make a determination. All of the terms of the divorce will then become part of the final judgment. Divorces cannot be final until at least six months after the initial filing.

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Divorce can be a complicated process, especially where spouses are in disagreement, where children are involved, or where complex financial holdings and assets need to be sorted out. Getting knowledgeable and caring legal guidance throughout this process is advised so that your legal rights are protected and that your divorce proceeds as smoothly as possible. Get experienced legal help with your divorce in and around Pasadena from an experienced attorney at our firm. Contact a Pasadena divorce attorney at Cannon Legal Group today.