Contested Divorce Lawyer in Pasadena

When the parties of a divorce are at odds regarding the various issues, it is said to be a contested divorce. Decisions regarding divorce are not easy to make and agree upon, so many couples end up needing to go through this process. When emotions are high and an individual's rights are at stake, heated disagreements are often present and can significantly impact a divorce case. Legal assistance will be needed to ensure that your contested divorce is satisfactorily completed and all parties' rights are not neglected. With the involvement of the court, you will need an experienced Pasadena divorce attorney from our firm by your side to protect your best interests.

Why You Need an Experienced California Family Law Attorney

Your case will be contested if you and your spouse do not have an agreement regarding the terms of divorce. If you are facing a contested case, we can help you resolve the various terms of divorce, such as property division and child support. You will need to schedule a hearing so that a judge can listen to both parties' sides and resolve the issues. Some of the most common issues of disagreement include finances, children, and property. California laws require you to follow the orders of the court which are given during the process of divorce.

Individuals navigating a contested divorce can be guided by a lawyer from our firm. We understand the struggle you are facing and can help you navigate the court system. Our legal team at Cannon Legal Group can fully prepare you for the final hearing. The decisions made by the court can greatly impact your life. Issues regarding child custody, alimony, and other essential topics will be finalized at this stage of the process. Rather than handling the court on your own, you will need the dedicated attention of our firm. Contact Cannon Legal Group today to speak with one of our experienced attorneys.