Alimony and Family Support

Alimony and family support is often ordered by the court during divorce proceedings to be made for a specific amount of time. Alimony, or spousal support, consists of regular payments made from one party of a divorce to another. The purpose of these payments is to give recognition to the receiving spouse's contribution to the marriage and to help him or her gain financial independence and move forward after the divorce. Family support, as mentioned in California Family Statute § 92 and § 4066, is a California system that is a combination of child support and alimony. Family support allows individuals to create a deductible for tax purposes. Our Pasadena divorce lawyers can assist with your complex alimony or family support case.

Determining Alimony and Family Support Orders

The benefit of family support is that more money is made available to the family members and less goes to the government. Benefits are evident as long as all necessary requirements are met. Various factors are used to determine which spouse may be required to pay alimony, including the:

  • Length of marriage
  • Income of both parties
  • Lifestyle of all parties
  • Mental or physical illnesses
  • Supporting spouse's ability to pay

Determining a fair spousal support agreement requires the experienced assistance of our Pasadena divorce attorneys from Cannon Legal Group. California family law requires that payments are calculated based on specific guidelines. We understand all of the factors that come into play when determining spousal support and family support payments.

Spousal Support Attorneys in Pasadena, CA

California's laws regarding alimony and family support can be confusing when analyzing the calculations used to determine who will pay and how much will be paid. Your family court judge determines the basis of your alimony payments based on established guidelines. At Cannon Legal Group, we utilize the same calculation software that the family law court uses to calculate potential support awards. All of our lawyers are aware of the possible exceptions to the calculation guidelines. With our guidance, you can have confidence in the outcome of your case.

As you discuss the various factors that will impact your present and future lifestyle, our Pasadena divorce attorneys can be your legal guides. When necessary, our legal team can fight for your right to avoid presumptively high calculations. If you are receiving support, we can help you vigorously pursue the payments you need to properly care for yourself and your family. We can advocate on your behalf to ensure that your alimony agreement is reasonable and just. As you pursue divorce, we can carefully discuss your options and whether family support can benefit those involved. If you have any questions regarding alimony or family support, we encourage you to speak with our firm at once. Contact us today for the legal guidance your family deserves.