Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Creates Waves Across Country

The impact of the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage is vast and continues to affect far more than anyone could have imagined. Children, civil rights, and even the housing market have all been touched by this landmark decision made on June 26, 2015.

Same-sex couples in California were first given the right to marry in June 2008. Even still, the statewide excitement was palpable when the ruling was announced because it signifies a vast improvement in civil rights for the LGBT community. It seems that finally, same-sex couples are making strides in the battle for equality that has persisted for decades.

How does the ruling impact the housing market? It actually makes a great deal of sense. When people get married, it naturally follows that they will buy a house. This is no different for the LGBT community and real estate professionals expect to see a surge in the housing market as same-sex couples pursue marriage.

Same-Sex Couples Experience Freedom to Separate

Even the strongest marriages experience wear and tear. Although the focus since June 26 has been on same-sex marriage, there are also those who wish to end their union in divorce. The Supreme Court's decision also makes this possible for same-sex couples nationwide.

It may take courts some time to adjust to the new ruling and divorcing same-sex couples will have to wade through decisions related to child custody and spousal support. One of the best ways to ensure a favorable outcome is by securing legal representation.

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