Frequently Asked Family Law Questions

Guidance from Our Pasadena Divorce Lawyers

At Cannon Legal Group, our lawyers focus on issues that affect families. Our goal is to help our clients gain confidence in the case they are about to pursue. When you retain our firm to represent you, we can help you better understand your case and its legal requirements. In addition, we want to dispel the myths regarding family law so that you can distinguish truth from fiction and make educated decisions for the benefit of your family. Read through the following questions and answers to ensure that you have a comprehensive knowledge of the issue. If you have additional questions, our Pasadena divorce attorneys can provide you with answers at soon as possible.

Does a father have a chance to receive custody of his child?

Fathers' rights have become a much more present topic within the family law courts in recent years. Courts no longer have an automatic preference toward either party as custody is no longer based on the party's gender. Courts adhere to the California Family Code § 3021(b) rather than automatically awarding custody to the mother. This statute states that the courts must ensure that children have continuous contact with both parties of a divorce if it is in the best interests of the children. In most family law cases, custody is granted to both parties as shared or joint custody.

If I lose my job, can I stop paying support for my child or ex-spouse?

If you experience a material change in circumstances, you must continue to pay child support and alimony. In many cases, you can pursue a modification of court orders to pursue a reduction in the amount of support you owe the payee. Keep in mind that modifications may only be made by the court, and you should not take action until you have received court approval. Taking matters into your own hands can result in negative consequences.

If the custodial party wants to move out of state, how can I visit my child?

The court will be the one to decide whether your spouse is permitted to move out of state with a minor child. Your child's best interest will be the primary deciding factor in this determination. You have the right to prove to the court that it is in your child's best interest to stay within California so that you can visit him or her. Your first line of defense is to be proactive and ensure that you secure the attention of our Pasadena divorce attorneys at Cannon Legal Group.

How can I lower my child support payments?

Many family law attorneys use a child support guideline calculation system, which can tell you what a reasonable support payment would look like. During a case evaluation, a Pasadena divorce attorney from our firm can discuss the ways in which you can lower your personal support payments. There are three general factors that affect the outcome of child support payments: the father's income, the mother's income, and the parenting share. Parenting share is the amount that the support obligor spends with the minor child or children.

Can a self-help center do the same job as an attorney?

Using a self-help center at any courthouse can result in you receiving false or poor advice for your case. The only assistance offered at these centers is guidance regarding what forms need to be filed. Employees of the self-help center are not permitted to administer legal advice and do not help you determine what information to put on the forms. With the legal assistance of our Pasadena divorce attorneys, you can have confidence that your forms are filed with accurate and useful information. Your best chance for achieving a successful result is to obtain legal guidance from a lawyer who knows the laws and your specific circumstances.

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